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I stumbled across an article today about a retirement community in Sun City AZ offereing free seat belts for golf carts. "The Retirement Community Association of Sun City will distribute 200 golf car seat belts for free at 8 a.m. Thursday at South Golf Course."

The article states:

"The accidents that occur in golf cars are dangerous, and there’s nothing to hold onto if you get into a wreck," said Lucky Marr, organizer of the event and president of the retirement association.

I’ve noticed a growing use of golf carts in neighborhoods and communities around the country. They are a lot of fun and even in my neighborhood I see adults and children occasionally driving around in golf carts. While they appear harmless they are anything but. Often people believe that there is very little risk with a golf cart because they don’t go very fast and are really "harmless." They think nothing of letting kids who don’t have driver’s licenses operate these things "on the safe roads in our small neighborhood." The reality is that golf carts can be very dangerous.

"It’s important for these seat belts to be installed," he said. "There can be life-threatening injuries and deaths from golf cars that collide with automobiles."

This is a quote by the local Sheriff from the article. While Golf carts can be a lot of fun to drive, they also carry an enormous risk of injury or death if not used properly. If you own a golf cart you need to make sure you are very careful in how it is used and be aware of who is using it. You also need to make sure that you have proper insurance to cover you in case there is an accident. Don’t automatically assume that your auto or homeowners insurance will cover you.

And if you are injured because of the careless or negligent use of a golf cart contact a lawyer to fully understand your rights. And in the meantime, be careful out there and if you are using a golf cart on your neighborhood roads… well, you might want to give some thought to installing seat belts. Even if they are not free.

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