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DISCLAIMER: The author is a registered Independent and does not have an opinion as to the truth and/or veracity of the allegations of the lawsuit referenced in this blog or the information contained at the web sites cited.

A second lawsuit has been filed against Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama over his lack of evidence of U.S. citizenship.

Steven Marquis, a resident of Fall City, Wash., a town about 30 miles southeast of Seattle, has filed a lawsuit against Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed, demanding that Mr. Reed verify Mr. Obama’s citizenship status. The complaint seeks specifically that the office of the Washington Secretary of State verify and certify that Mr. Obama is or is not a "natural born" citizen by producing original or certified verifiable official documents. The lawsuit argues that this certification should take place before the election to preclude a constitutional crisis.

Mr. Marquis argues the secretary of state has the authority and duty to not only certify the voters but also and most importantly the candidates and in so doing prevent the wholesale disenfranchisement of voters who would had had an opportunity to choose from qualified candidates had the certification preceded the election process.

Mr. Marquis’ lawsuit is the second to be filed seeking proof that Mr. Obama is a U.S. citizen qualified to run for the office of U.S. president. Philip Berg, an attorney who wants Mr. Obama to produce his original birth certificate, filed another suit in Pennsylvania earlier this year.

"At this point, Mr. Obama has not allowed independent or official access to his birth records nor supporting hospital records," wrote Mr. Marquis in a statement. "The Hawaii Health Department has violated Federal law by ignoring formal Freedom of Information requests for the same. Due to the facts and numerous other allegations that would challenge Mr. Obama’s fundamental qualifications for office, a Federal lawsuit was filed and is currently being heard in District Court, Pennsylvania."

The Pennsylvania case is being heard by Judge R. Barclay Surrick, who has not made any ruling in the case.

The Washington lawsuit demands injunctive relief directing Mr. Reed to carry out the duty of his office in this regard answering the formal complaints for verification of Mr. Obama and any other candidate appearing on the ballots issues through his office for which formal complaints have been received. The State of Hawaii has refused to release copies of Mr. Obama’s birth certificate, because the privacy statutes of the state prevent them from doing so.

In Honolulu, Andy Martin, a longstanding critic of Mr. Obama, filed a lawsuit on Oct. 17, in an attempt to get the Hawaiian Department of Health to release Mr. Obama’s birth certificate records.

"One of Mr. Obama’s most controversial and contentious issues that he has allowed to fester for years is the question of his birth certificate," said Mr. Martin in a statement. "Mr. Obama has posted at least two versions, maybe more, of a ‘certificate’ on the Internet. "I want to see a certified copy issued by the State of Hawaii, not one issued by the State of Mr. Obama," he continued. "Why Mr. Obama won’t allow direct access to his birth records is beyond me. But the closer we get to discovering the truth about Mr. Obama the more we understand why he is terrified of that truth."

According to the U.S. Constitution, "no person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this constitution, shall be eligible to the office of president; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of 35 years, and been 14 years a resident within the United States."

The parties (and the country) await decisions by the judges in these cases. See affliated blogs on this subject at this link and this link and this link.

UPDATE: Brian Smith has been asked to appear on Roy King’s radio show this afternoon (Saturday) at 4:30 Eastern, to discuss the Berg lawsuit and these blogs.

The show can be heard at this link:

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