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DISCLAIMER: The author is a registered Independent and does not have an opinion as to the truth and/or veracity of the allegations of the lawsuit referenced in this blog or the information contained at the web sites cited.

Philip J. Berg, the lawyer who filed suit against Barack Hussein Obama, challenging Senator Obama’s lack of “qualifications” to serve as President of the United States, announced today that he is immediately appealing the dismissal of his case to the United States Supreme Court.

Yesterday, Judge R. Barclay Surrick dismissed the suit brought by Berg, ruling that Berg did not have standing to bring the suit. In his lawsuit, the Plaintiff, Berg, a Philadelphia attorney, alleged that Defendant Barack Hussein Obama is not eligible for the Office of the President because Obama lost his U.S. citizenship when his mother married an Indonesian citizen and naturalized in Indonesia. Plaintiff further alleged that Obama followed her naturalization and failed to take an oath of allegiance when he turned 18 years old, to regain his U.S. citizenship status. The lawsuit raises not only the Indonesian citizenship issue but also questions whether Obama was a citizen of Kenya.

Mr. Berg has stated that if Barack Hussein Obama will produce a certified "vault" birth certificate, a copy of his Certificate of Citizenship and a copy of his Oath of Allegiance to the United States, that he (Mr. Berg) will dismiss his lawsuit voluntarily. To date, Obama has refused to comply with Mr. Berg’s request.

Berg said, "I am totally disappointed by Judge Surrick’s decision and, for all citizens of the United States, I am immediately appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court. This is a question of who has standing to uphold our Constitution. If I don’t have standing, if you don’t have standing, if your neighbor doesn’t have standing to question the eligibility of an individual to be President of the United States – the Commander-in-Chief, the most powerful person in the world – then who does?…..What happened to ‘…Government of the people, by the people, for the people?"

Berg’s lawsuit is not the only one filed, challenging Obama’s eligibility. There are apparently as many as 8 lawsuits currently pending.

In Honolulu, Andy Martin, a longstanding critic of Mr. Obama, filed a lawsuit, asking the Hawaiian Department of Health to release Mr. Obama’s birth certificate records.

In the state of Washington, Steven Marquis, a resident of Fall City, Wash., a town about 30 miles southeast of Seattle, has filed a lawsuit against Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed, demanding that Mr. Reed verify Mr. Obama’s citizenship status. The complaint seeks specifically that the office of the Washington Secretary of State verify and certify that Mr. Obama is or is not a "natural born" citizen by producing original or certified verifiable official documents. The lawsuit argues that this certification should take place before the election to preclude a constitutional crisis.

The interesting question to be possibly answered by the U.S. Supreme Court is whether voters, whether Republican, Democratic or Independent, have a right, under the Constitution, to challenge the eligibility of a presidential candidate. Hopefully, if that question is to be addressed by the Supreme Court, it will be decided before the election on November 4.

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