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DISCLAIMER: The author is a registered Independent and does not have an opinion as to the truth and/or veracity of the allegations of the lawsuit referenced in this blog or the information contained at the web sites cited.

Despite rumors circulating on the internet, a decision has not been reached by the judge in the lawsuit pending against Barack Hussein Obama in Federal Court in Philadelphia.

Judge R. Barclay Surrick is pondering a number of motions from both sides, but has yet to rule.

Several web site and blog posts have claimed that the judge entered an order, ruling in favor of the Plaintiff and has ordered Obama to cease and desist campaigning for President. Others have claimed that Obama has admitted the allegations of the lawsuit by failing to respond to Request for Admissions filed by the Plaintiff. The confusion appears to be caused by the “proposed” orders that are typically attached to a motion, when filed by a party. When the Plaintiff in the Philadelphia case, Philip Berg, filed a motion asking the court to determine that Obama admitted the allegations of the lawsuit by not responding, he attached a proposed order. If that order is signed by the judge, it would have the result that is being spread through the internet. Until that point, no ruling has been made.

The Berg lawsuit alleges that Defendant Barack Hussein Obama is not eligible for the Office of the President, because Obama lost his U.S. citizenship when his mother married an Indonesian citizen and naturalized in Indonesia. Plaintiff further alleged that Obama followed her naturalization and failed to take an oath of allegiance when he turned 18 years old to regain his U.S. citizenship status.

Other internet blogs and stories have circulated suggesting that Barack Hussein Obama’s sudden trip to Hawaii is in response to the lawsuit filed on October 17 in Hawaii and not related to the health of his grandmother. Earlier this week, Obama announced that he was suddenly suspending his campaign to fly to Hawaii to visit his gravely ill grandmother. That announcement came shortly after Andy Martin, a longstanding critic of Mr. Obama, filed the lawsuit in Hawaii, asking the Hawaiian Department of Health to release Mr. Obama’s birth certificate records to prove that he is a natural born citizen. Obama’s campaign has denied the claim that the trip is related to the lawsuit.

The parties (and the country) continue to await decisions by the judge in the Berg case.

The parties (and the country) await decisions by the judges in these cases. See affliated blogs on this subject at this link, this link, this link and this link.

UPDATE: Brian Smith has been asked to appear on Roy King’s radio show this afternoon (Saturday) at 4:30 Eastern, to discuss the Berg lawsuit and these blogs.

The show can be heard at this link:

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