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Five Dog Bites in Four Days in Albert Lea

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A Minnesota city had five reported dog bite attacks in a four day period in June. The dog bites appeared to be unrelated. One of the incidents involved a dog attacking a mail carrier. Animal Control in Albert Lea offered some tips for how to stay safe.

The dog bites aren’t connected and none of the pooches were repeat offenders. Albert Lea’s Animal Control says this is the time of the year more people can get bit. There are some ways you can stay safe when you’re outside and a dog starts to charge at you. First thing is to stand still, remain calm and not scream. Secondly, keep your arms, face and neck covered. And if a dog attacks you and knocks you to the ground, make sure to curl up into a ball and cover your head.

All pets should be kept on a leash or in a fenced yard when outside. The number of attacks would also go down if more people spayed and neutered their pets. Around 800,000 people are injured with a dog bite each year.