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Tainted Peanut Butter May Have Sickened Hundreds

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King Nut Companies of Solon, Ohio issued a voluntary recall for two brands of peanut butter, after health officials in Minnesota said they had found salmonella bacteria in a tub of peanut butter that is distributed to schools and hospitals.

King Nut announced it had issued a recall of all peanut butter distributed under its label and manufactured by Peanut Corporation of America, of Lynchburg, Va. The company also recalled its distribution of Parnell’s Pride peanut butter, which is also made by Peanut Corporation, according to a prepared statement by King Nut.

King Nut, in its statement, said it took the action after salmonella was found in an open five-pound tub of King Nut peanut butter. King Nut distributes peanut butter through food service accounts and does not sell it directly to consumers, the statement said.

Peanut Corporation of America issued its own statement on its Web site, confirming "the salmonella was found in an open container of King Nut peanut butter at a nursing facility" in Minnesota.

The strain of salmonella has been identified as Salmonella Typhimurium, the most common of the more than 2,500 types of salmonella bacteria in the United States. It’s often found in uncooked eggs and meats, said officials with the CDC, who have been investigating the outbreak for several weeks.

Most people infected with salmonella develop diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps within 12 to 72 hours after contact with the germ. Infections typically clear up in five to seven days. However, severe infections can occur, particularly in infants, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems. In severe cases, the salmonella infection can spread from the intestines to the bloodstream and other parts of the body, causing death unless antibiotics are administered, according to the CDC.

*** If you or a family member has suffered illness as a result of eating peanut butter and you have medical documentation that you or your family member has suffered illness after eating the peanut butter, please contact our office at 866-735-1102 ext. 515 to discuss how we may be able to assist you. Or visit our web site at www.smithvanture.com

If you do seek medical treatment, please ask that a stool culture be done to try and confirm that you have been affected by salmonella. A stool culture is the only way to confirm the presence of Salmonella bacteria. The lack of a positive stool culture, however, will not preclude a claim.

Our law firm is investigating claims against the manufacturer and distributors of King Nut peanut butter, for negligence and product liability claims concerning the presence of salmonella bacteria in its peanut butter.