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Peanuts Unfit for Human Consumption Were Not Tested by FDA

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According to an exclusive story from the Associated Press, peanuts exported by the Peanut Corporation of America were found to be contaminated, and were returned to the United States, weeks before the earliest signs of a national salmonella outbreak that now has been traced to peanuts from a Georgia processing plant.

The rejected shipment – coming over the U.S. border across a bridge between New York and Canada – was logged by the Food and Drug Administration but never was tested by federal inspectors, according to the government’s own records.

The chopped peanuts were prevented by the FDA from being allowed back into the United States in mid-September because the peanuts contained an unspecified "filthy, putrid or decomposed substance, or is otherwise unfit for food," according to an FDA report of the incident.

According to the story, the FDA said it could not provide details about the incident. Peanut Corp. of America didn’t immediately respond to AP’s request for comment. Federal inspectors previously reported they found roaches, mold, a leaking roof and other sanitation issues at the company’s processing plant in Blakely believed to be the source of the outbreak.

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